It all began with what many thought was a wild venture, at a time when an entire industry was yet to be born. The Company was founded by Elmer "EA" Hamburg on borrowed funds and started operations in the most modest of quarters.

In 1953, EA turned the company over to his son Lester. Under Lester's direction, the business increased greatly. With distributing lines such as RCA, Sony, Pioneer, Whirlpool, Armstrong Flooring, Hamburg Brothers emerged as a unique two-step distributor with actual road sales people who sell name-brand merchandise through the retail dealer network.

Although Lester passed away in 1988, the company has continued to thrive. The owners, Dennis Holzer and Rick Weaver, who worked for Lester, share his philosophy of selling only name-brand products to dealers through road salesmen, who visit dealers on a daily basis.

Today, Hamburg Brothers covers Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Western New York territories. All products are shipped from our Butler, Pennsylvania warehouse, and our corporate office remains in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Whether it is 1920 or the present, Hamburg Brothers' objective remains the same, "Striving To Be Your Partner." We believe that both Hamburg Brothers and our dealers form a proven sales and service team with the ability and commitment to succeed for the lines that we represent.